Gift Ideas for Swimmers in 2022

Shopping for a swimmer you know? It’s not always easy to find the best gift for them despite there being so many options to choose from. 

It’s true that swimmers prefer certain brands or gear for their training, which is only half of the challenge. The other half is narrowing down what the swimmer in your life actually needs!

Our gift ideas for swimmers in 2022 focus more on practicality over flash. Such as gear typically used at the pool or for after-workout sessions. 

These gift ideas are also great for any swimmer, whether they’re a competitive, triathlete, or lap swimmer. 

Keep reading to get inspired for 2022. And if you’re looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out our other articles and gift guides for swimmers!

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Gift Ideas for Any Swimmer

New Swimwear

Swimmers can rarely have too many swimsuits. Especially if they’re swimming daily or even twice a day. The chlorine is hard on swimsuits and even those with chlorine-resistant material will eventually fade.

Swimsuits also stretch out and can fade over time, making them catch water or sag. This can make for an uncomfortable experience and leave some swimmers feeling awkward.

When looking at swimsuits, we recommend asking the swimmer specifically what brand, style, color, and size they like. It may take away some of the surprise but swimsuits are like clothes and shoes.

Everyone has their preferred style and size in one style doesn’t work in another style. And trust us when we say there are a lot of brands and styles out there! 🙂

We do recommend fabric that’s labeled as chlorine-resistant so it will last longer. You can also consider a bottle of Suit Saver, which helps swimsuits retain their color and shape a bit longer.

For a complete guide to the different types of swimsuits and the various options, check out our article: Best Women’s Swimsuits for Lap Swimming and Training. You can also find suit options for younger kids with Best Swimsuits for Swim Lessons


Swim towels differ from regular bath towels in that they’re typically used more frequently. And the added chlorine or salt water that gets on them can make them grow thin quicker than bath towels. 

They’re also more prone to mold growth if they’re not dried out completely after every workout. And if you know swimmers, you know that it’s easy to forget a towel in the swim bag.

When it comes to towels, we always recommend a Microfiber Towel or even a Shammy. Both of these options are thin, lightweight, and dry quickly. They’re also superb at getting swimmers dry despite looking so thin.

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That said, if your swimmer doesn’t change at the pool, we do suggest a secondary towel to switch to for the car drive home. This will help save your car seats and they won’t be left sitting on a wet towel.

Personally, I use both the shammy and microfiber towel to dry off, and then wrap up in a thick towel to drive home. Or, if it’s in the winter, I’ll drive home in a swim parka, which saves my car seats and keeps me warm!

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Personal Lap Counter

Any swimmer will tell you that counting laps can be challenging. Whether you’re trying to count the total number of laps you completed in a workout or just counting a long-distance set. It’s easy to lose count.

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There are a plethora of devices available to help individuals count the laps or distances that they’ve gone. Fitness trackers are the most common go-to for counting laps while swimming. However, before purchasing one, ensure that they’re waterproof and not just water-resistant.

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For an alternative option that’s not as complicated as a fitness tracker, SporCount has a simple lap counter. It sits on the finger and all the swimmer needs to do is tap the button at each lap. They have options that come with and without a timer depending on your swimmer’s preference.

They are a bit pricey for just counting laps, which is the only negative of this personal lap counter. If looking at this device, consider one with a timer, as it’s about the same price but with an added feature.

You can also consider the Aqua Tally Swimming Lap Counter which is affordable and low-tech. It operates with beads on a bar, where each bead counts as a lap or one tally mark. Move the beads with each lap you complete.

This is great for those swimmers who are trying to keep track of sets or for swimmers who stop at the wall and want to count laps. 

Lastly, Ranger Pace Counting Beads can be another option. It operates similarly to the Aqua Tally, but each bead counts as 100 meters/yards and is worn on the wrist so you don’t have to stop swimming to count.

Chlorine Removal

Any swimmer can benefit from chlorine removal products. From toiletries, such as shampoos and body wash, to swimsuit savers, these products can make a huge difference in any swimmer’s life.

Even if your swimmer isn’t in the water every day, it still helps to keep on top of the chlorine. Otherwise, the smell can linger longer than it should and it can leave hair feeling dry. 

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UltraSwim and Malibu C make great swim shampoo and conditioners to help remove chlorine from the hair. Whereas TRISWIM and TRIHARD have a full line of chlorine removal products, from shampoo and conditioner to body wash and lotion.

You can also consider getting a small toiletry bag to hold the bottles in case they leak. We like these toiletry bags from PACKISM because they come in different sizes and they’re easy to clean if something spills

When it comes to chlorine removal for swimsuits, Solmar Suit Saver and Summer Solutions are good options. They are smaller bottles but you don’t need a lot to get the job done.

Molly’s Suds Swimwear Cleaner comes in a larger bottle and is made from natural materials.

Ear Plugs and Drops

A great filler or stocking stuffer gift is ear drops and/or earplugs. These small but powerful items can mean the difference between preventing swimmer’s ear or getting it.

Swimming earplugs help keep water out of your swimmer’s ear when they’re in the water. They differ from regular foam earplugs due to their waterproof design. 

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We prefer Mack’s Silicone Putty Earplugs because they stay put better than other options. They’re also great to use away from the pool, such as when you’re flying, going to a concert, or something equally loud.

Putty Buddies and TYR Kids Earplugs are great for kids or those with smaller ears. And they’re colored, making them easier to find in the pool if they happen to fall out!

Ear drops for swimming help dry the ear canal after swimming and balance the pH levels in the ear. These can be used after swimming but also after showers to help keep the ear dry. 

You can either opt for the natural-based brands or one based with rubbing alcohol.

Massage Therapy Devices

While percussive massage therapy has been on the scene for a while now and is geared toward more competitive swimmers, lap swimmers and triathletes may benefit from it too.

Percussive massage therapy utilizes hand-held massage devices instead of getting a professional massage. Also known as massage guns, these little devices have a massage head that can deliver quick and firm pressure to your muscles. 

Doing this after a swim workout can help the muscles recover quicker and help prevent sore muscles. Using one before a workout can also help warm up the muscles to prevent injury. However, we don’t recommend using a massage gun in lieu of an actual warm-up!

When picking a massage gun, consider its weight as you’ll be holding it for several minutes at a time. Too heavy of a device and you may tire your muscles.

We like the Theragun mini due to its small size, which makes it great for on-the-go and everyday use. For competitive swimmers and triathletes, this makes it easier to take to practice or meets. While lap swimmers can appreciate the ease of storage.

However, it is on the expensive side and you can find more affordable options with more massage heads. The only draw back to those are the large sizes that can be difficult to hold/use or carry around.

Stretch Bands

When it comes to swimming training away from the pool, stretch bands are some of the best options (in our humble opinion). StretchCordz specifically is a great training aid and can be used to simulate the swimming motions while out of the water.

StretchCordz bands attach to a pole or loop around a door handle and swimmers can then work the catch and pull portion of their strokes. It sounds easy but after a few sets, you can start to feel a burn in your arms.

And because the stroke is being worked out of the water, it’s easier to watch the stroke to see how the arm should be pulling. 

These stretch bands come with either handles or paddles. Coaches prefer the paddle version, as it best mimics the hand position when swimming. I prefer the handle version because it feels a bit more firm and I can get a better grip.

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Stretch bands as a whole can be used to work curls, lat pulls, and tricep extensions. 

These bands can be on the more expensive side despite their benefits. If you’re looking for something more affordable, consider some resistance bands instead. 

While they won’t be able to easily replicate the swimming motion that StretchCordz can, they’re still ideal for building strength and stretching.

In Closing

When it comes to gift ideas for swimmers, you can’t go wrong with practicality. While this is by no means a comprehensive list, it can provide a starting point when it comes to gift ideas for the swimmer in your life!

As always, happy swimming!


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