Best Pride Gifts for LGBTQ+ Swimmers

June is Pride Month! And we’ve collected a variety of different pride gifts for swimmers to help show your pride or support for LGBTQ+ swimmers.

The best news? You don’t have to wait until June to celebrate diversity and inclusion on your team or with your teammates. Strive to be supportive all year round. As swimmers, we’re all family and we all should be there to support each other.

Whatever pride gift you’re considering for a swimmer (or yourself!) please be mindful that not everyone is as out as others. For some, something more subtle and personal will mean more than something apparent.

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UPDATED: June 4, 2021 to include new releases from Arena and Speedo

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As of this writing, Speedo is the only major swimming brand that has pride apparel. They have at least a dozen different shirts dedicated to their support of LGBTQ+ swimmers. Most of which have been added to their recently released Pride Collection.

From the many pride shirts offered, we’ve selected 1-2 from their long sleeve, t-shirt, and tank top options. But you can find their full Pride Collection at Amazon and on their site. We highly encourage you to take a look at the various options!

Long Sleeve Shirts

As part of their long sleeve/hoodie options, Speedo currently has two styles available. 

By far, our all-time favorite Pride shirt from Speedo is their unisex Pride Pull Over Hooded Tee. The fabric is extremely soft and features the rainbow flag in the design of lane lines with the words ‘No Matter Which Lane You Swim’ between them.

It’s a simple but very inspiring message for swimmers and we highly recommend it.

This particular pullover is currently sold out on Speedo’s site but is available in their store on Amazon. As a note, Amazon lists this shirt for women but it’s supposed to be unisex.

Speedo Unisex-Adult T-Shirt Hoodie Pull Over Pride Rainbow Brights

Short Sleeve

To add to their apparel collection, Speedo has six different varieties of short sleeve

Our pick for short-sleeve tops is the Pride Unisex Tee in gray. The material is soft and nearly identical to the long sleeve pullover from Speedo. This tee features the rainbow flag with a silhouette of the Speedo name and logo.

We also like the Pride Unisex Tee Speedo Boom, which is a white shirt with the words ‘Look Ahead’ in all caps. The words take on the color of the rainbow flag. Simple but it still displays a strong and excellent message. 

Tank Tops

Speedo completes their collection with four tank tops. 

We’ll comment that even though all of Speedo’s tanks say they’re unisex, they are more of a men’s cut than a women’s cut. 

Between the four tank tops, we like the Pride Unisex Tank the best. With its Speedo logo overlaid with rainbow colors and the flag, it’s an uncomplicated design and show of support that still stands out. 

Our only negative against the tank itself is that black fabric isn’t the most forgiving during the summer months 😉 We wish this option came with a different color selection, such as gray or white. 

But other than that, it’s really an awesome tank that you can’t beat!


What is swimming without swimsuits? 🙂 Arena and Speedo both have suits available to celebrate pride and inclusivity within the sport. 

And as these suits can be worn by any aquatic fanatic, they’re great not just for swimmers, but also divers, water polo players, and casual poolside lounging!

Between Arena and Speedo, Arena suits are more subtle in their designs and not as obvious that the design is Pride based. Whereas Speedo is more obvious and intentional in its design. 

We support both brands in their designs and acknowledge that everyone has their own level of comfortability. Having an option between something subtle and obvious is a personal choice. And for some, unfortunately, it’s also a matter of safety.

If you’re considering a pride gift for a swimmer you know (or even yourself) ensure you take into consideration their personal preference. 🙂


Swimsuit styles and cuts vary by each swimmer. Because of this, we’ll list our recommendation based more on the design and message available on the suit, and not the suit (fabric, cut, and style) itself.

Our top three favorites (again, in terms of design and not the suit itself) are:

Aside from these three mentioned suits, both Speedo and Arena offer a few other swimsuit options for swimmers. 


Much like the female suits, we’ll list our recommendation based more on the design and message available on the suit, and not the suit (fabric, cut, and style) itself.

Our top two picks are:

Arena and Speedo have additional pride suits available in different cuts and styles, but still, stay true to their message. 


Next to swimsuits, gear is the next best way for swimmers to express themselves. Both Arena and Speedo have various pride related gear to help that expression. And in terms of gifts, you can rarely go wrong with gear!

By far, we like Arena’s Pride Team 45 Backpack. Available in white and black, these bags feature their EKG readout in the rainbow flag colors. It has a large main compartment that can fit other training gear. 

Such as Arena’s Pride Powerfin PRO fins 😉


But we also like this piece of gear because you can use a swim bag for more than just hauling swim gear. It’s also good for backpacking and other travel needs. Many uses and a great message!

Speedo might not have a swim bag for Pride (not of this writing), but they do have 5 different silicone caps! Match your cap with their Vanquisher goggles (Rainbow and Rainbow Brights) for more support.

H2O Society’s Custom Swim Posters

In terms of miscellaneous but personalized pride gifts for swimmers, H2O Society has swimming posters that swimmers can customize. Swimmers can pick between five poster templates, each with varying options to personalize.

One of the options that swimmers can pick is their choice of LGBTQ+ flags. There are also some other various swimming sayings and statements. To include our favorite statement ‘the water doesn’t discriminate’.

Check out their swim posters at their store!

Swim poster with pride options.
Custom swim poster with pride options for swimmers
Customized pride gift for swimmers

And as always, to happy, inclusive, and supportive swimming! Celebrate your pride not just in June but all year through! <3


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