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Hey there! 


I’m Chevron, creator of Wandering Swimmer, a swimming-focused website for new and not-so-new swimmers. And I want to help you start swimming or better your swimming.

If you’ve ever looked at a pool and said:


    • “What’s the best way to get started swimming?”

    • “How can I swim laps without getting bored?”

    • “How do I count laps in swimming?”

    • “Is swimming even a good workout or way to burn calories?”

    • “Can I join my school’s swim team? Or how can I join a general swim team?”

    • “I want to start swimming but I don’t know where to start.”

The good news is that you’re not alone. Even better news is that I’m here to help 🙂 

I’ve been swimming competitively for nearly 20 years and I’ve helped hundreds of people answer those questions and more. From assisting new swimmers on teams to coworkers looking to start swimming, I’ve done it all. 


I created Wandering Swimming as a resource and one-stop place to help you find the answers you’re looking for. Answers from someone with two decades of swimming experience. 

From Reluctant Swimmer to World Champion 

Growing up, swimming was more about having fun in the pool and not so much exercise or competition. I didn’t start swimming competitively until my freshman year of high school when I enrolled with the swim team as an ‘easy PE credit’. 


Turns out that was the best decision I could’ve made for myself. It opened up doors that I didn’t even know existed. During those four years in high school, I went from knowing the basic freestyle stroke and managing to swim a few laps to breaking school records and signing with a Division One college.


Since then, I’ve logged hundreds – if not thousands – of miles in the water, broken high school, college, and pool records, earned about a dozen Athlete of the Week awards, and a few MVP titles along the way. I graduated college debt-free thanks to my scholarship through swimming and swimming has been instrumental to every new job I’ve had.


But my swimming journey didn’t stop after college.


Instead, I discovered Masters Swimming shortly after college and took the plunge into Masters Swimming in addition to still competing with USA Swimming. 


Through my swimming, I’ve traveled to different cities, states, and countries, and been in more pools than most people ever will in their life. I currently rank nationally and internationally within Masters Swimming and was World Champion at the Masters World Aquatics in Budapest, Hungary, and Fukuoka, Japan. 


People ask me constantly about swimming basics and how to start swimming. They want to know how their child can start swimming competitively. Or how they can start swimming for exercise. And I’m more than happy to help them.


Just as I’m happy to help you! Swimming has been an incredible gift for me in all that it’s provided and I want to help you realize and reach your swimming goals.  


What You’ll Find Here

If you’ve been wanting to start swimming for exercise and/or want to start swimming competitively, you’re in the right place. Wandering Swimmer provides athlete and lap-swimmer-approved tips, advice, guidance, and suggestions to get you started on your swimming journey.


I don’t like to sugarcoat the sport, so you’ll find nothing but the facts here. And sometimes some brutal truths that you may not like to hear. But swimming is a challenging sport that takes hours of commitment each day if you want to succeed. Just as lap swimming can be a demanding workout if you don’t know what you’re doing.


That said, the rewards are well worth it, in my humble opinion. Swimming burns some of the most calories per hour, is less dangerous to your body compared to other sports, and is something you can do at any age. Not to mention, it’s a life-saving benefit that I believe everyone should have.

Wandering Swimmer is about showing and telling you what the sport and workout are really like. Both in the pool and away from it. 


So if you’re ready to dive in, now is the time. Make a splash and show yourself what you can really do!


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Thank you for visiting and I look forward to helping you in your swimming journey!


Happy Swimming,