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Answering Your Questions About Rash Guards

Yet for all their benefits, not a lot of people know about rash guards. Let alone why they should wear them and who can wear them? In this article, we’ll discuss what a rash guard is and why you should wear one the next time you’re out in the sun!

Can I Get Swimmer’s Ear from Swim Lessons?

Swim lessons can be a fun and exciting time for everyone. However, with anything water-related, there’s a chance to develop swimmer’s ear during swim lessons. But what is swimmer’s ear? And can you really get swimmer’s ear from swim lessons?

9 Easy Tips for Swimming During COVID

During this pandemic, you may feel anxious about swimming during COVID. While these tips will by no means completely keep you from getting COVID, taking some extra precautions can help lessen the risk. Both in the pool and away from it.

Best Swimsuits for Swim Lessons

When it comes time to start swim lessons, one of your hardest choices is picking the best swimsuit to wear. Whether that’s for yourself or your child! If you’re shopping around for a swimsuit, here are some things to consider.