Swim Meets

What to Bring to a Swim Meet

Knowing what to bring to a swim meet is half the battle when it comes to competition time. Getting your bag ready the night before a swim meet should become a habit. It will take a few times to know what you need and don’t need. However, once you know what to bring to a swim meet, you’ll feel more confident on meet day.

What is a Swim Meet?

If you’re new to swimming, there’s a chance you’ve heard the word ‘swim meet’ tossed around the pool a few times.  Yet no one will tell you what exactly it is and how a swim meet works. In fact, most beginner swimmers don’t know a lot about swim meets on the day of their first …

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How to Stay Warm at Swim Meets

Not staying warm at swim meets can lead to bad times and races. There’s no one secret remedy to staying warm at swim meets. However, there are options to try that can help you stave off the cold and have you feeling comfortable.