FINA World Masters Registration in 13 Easy Steps

Get ready to see South Korea and some great international swimming because FINA World Masters registration is now open! This year, Gwangju, South Korea plays host to aquatic athletes from around the world.

Complete your Masters Worlds registration in 13 easy steps

From August 5 – 18th, Masters Athletes worldwide will partake in five different aquatic sports. The sports and dates are as follows

  • Artistic Swimming (Synchronized Swimming): August 5th – 11th
  • Swimming: August 12th – 18th
  • Diving: August 13th – 18
  • Open Water Swimming: August 9th – 11th
  • Water Polo: August 5th – 11th
  • Open Ceremony: August 11th
  • Closing Ceremony: August 18th

To see the complete schedule, to include training dates for each sport, please visit here.

FINA World Masters Swimming Time Standards

Before you start registering, you need to complete one final step. And that’s ensuring that you meet the time standards. You can find these online here.

Qualifying times are broken out by genders, age groups, and events. When viewing the table, you’ll want to match your age group to the event(s) you want to swim.

You have to meet the qualifying times by the time you register. Otherwise, the online registration process will not allow you to submit for that event.

If you don’t have the qualifying time, you still have some time to get it! Keep your head down and continuing practicing hard! 🙂 All that hard work will pay off once you’re at the 2019 FINA World Masters Championships!

Registration Dates

For any participants who want to go, you must complete all registration online through FINA GMS. You can find this at: The registration deadline is June 24th at 23:59 (11:59 PM) UTC.

This includes coaches and support staff!

While June 24th might seem like ages away, it’ll come faster than you think! Because of this, I highly recommend that you start your FINA World Masters registration now. Provided you have all your required information before you start, it doesn’t take long to fill out the registration.

What does take time though is the approval process. In total, you’ll have two different approval processes. Each of these take about 1-2 weeks to approve.

Things you’ll need before you get started:

  • Passport
  • Scanned Passport
  • Masters Membership Card/ID
  • Scanned Masters Membership Card/ID
  • Accreditation Picture
  • Best Times, to include dates and locations

For those who want to follow along view paper copy, I’ve created a PDF that you can download and print out. You can download the PDF below.

Ready to register?

Great! Let’s get started 🙂

1. Create your FINA account

Registration for the 2019 FINA World Masters Championships takes place online. Provided you have all your required information before you start, it doesn’t take long to fill out the registration. What does take time though is the approval process.

FINA Login for Registration
FINA Login Registration

You’ll need to complete your FINA World Masters registration online. This includes payment information. If you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to create one.

You can do so by visiting: the FINA General Management System (GMS)

You should arrive on a page with the following login screen. If you already have an account, you’ll need to login to access your portal. If you haven’t created an account, please select the ‘Create Account’ button.

There, you’ll receive a prompt to create your account. You’ll have to list your email and select the category of participant that you fall under. The categories are:

  • Masters Athlete: For those competing
  • Masters Coach: For those coaching but not competing
  • Masters Accompanying Person: For those support staff, family, and friends

If you plan to compete as an athlete and a coach, you must submit your FINA World Masters registration as a Masters Athlete.

From there, create a password and then register your account!

2. Verify your account

Once you register your account, you’ll receive an email with a confirmation link. Please check your spam or junk filter if you don’t receive this shortly after creating your account.

After you receive your information, complete the steps listed in the email to verify your account. Following your verification of the account, you’ll log in one more time.

3. FINA Dashboard

You should see a screen similar to the below once you’re logged into your dashboard

FINA Registration Dashboard
FINA Registration Dashboard

If you just created your account, you’ll have to complete your task lisk. You should see a yellow bar that will take you to the first step. If not, please select the ‘My Profile’ tab.

Directly underneath the ‘My Profile’, you’ll find a list of 6 new tabs, starting with ‘General’ and finishing with ‘Athlete Bio’.

FINA Registration - My Profile Tabs
FINA Registration – My Profile Tabs

Please note that at this time, your profile will not show the orange banner “Your profile is complete, you can register to events now.” You must complete your profile first.

4. Fill out your profile information

General Information Tab

The General tab covers your accreditation photo, along with your name, date of birth, gender, and country of birth. You must complete all boxes/fields in red.

For those in the US, the date format is DD/MM/YYYY, or Day, Month, Year. Please be sure that you enter your dated information correctly.

One thing to note when filling out your FINA World Masters registration. Your information must match the information listed in your passport. When completing your account, I would have your passport readily available.

Accreditation Photo

Now comes the accreditation photo. Least favorite part of the whole process for me, haha.

FINA keeps very strict photo requirements. They reminded me of a passport photo, except I wasn’t allowed to smile. You must have a neutral expression with your mouth closed, per FINA guidelines.

Tough crowd!

They do provide a 4 page PDF Photo Guidelines for your review. I would recommend reviewing the rules, to include size and format, in addition to the examples they provide.

Honestly, it’s not a difficult process. My picture just came out less than ideal looking, so I like to complain about it, haha. If you follow the instructions FINA provides in their photo guidelines, you probably won’t have any trouble.

When I took my photo, I just took a selfie and submitted that. Alternatively, you can have someone take it for you and then submit. You don’t need to get a photo professionally done.

Be sure to hit the save button occasionally. The system doesn’t save automatically for you and it’s no fun to lose all your information in the event your browser crashes 🙁

Contact Tab

The next tab on your FINA World Masters registration is your contact information. Here, you’ll fill out your address and phone number. FINA provides a section for social media profiles as well, if you would like to register that information.

Travel Documents Tab

Still have your passport handy? Great, because you’ll need it again, haha.

You’ll have to fill out your passport information as requested in this tab. Additionally, you’ll need to scan your passport and upload it into the system. Make sure you submit a copy that you (and others) can read easily.

I recommend scanning the passport information page (I believe it’s page 2 for everyone?) and the page just above it (page 3).

Club Affiliation Tab

For this tab, you’ll need to provide your Masters’ information. This will be your Masters License Number and a copy of the license (membership card/ID) itself.

Documents Tab

You’ll find copies of your passport and accreditation photo listed here. These will appear after you upload copies. Aside from verifying you uploaded the correct information, you won’t have to do anything on this tab.

Athlete Bio Tab

This tab is optional, but here you can provide some more information about yourself.

5. Accept Terms and Conditions

You completed the profile for your FINA World Masters Registration, yay! 😀

Now you should have the banner that states “Your profile is complete, you can register to events now”. You’ll select the ‘events’ tab next to the ‘My Profile’ tab. This will open something similar to the image below.

2019 FINA World Masters Registration
2019 FINA World Masters Registration

To start registration for your events, you must first accept to the terms and conditions of the meet. To do so, select the ‘edit’ link next to the green ‘open’ on the far right of the screen.

FINA World Masters Registration Disclaimer
FINA World Masters Registration Disclaimer

This will open a page that states ‘you are not yet registered to this event.’ Read through the terms and conditions, and if you find them agreeable, then fill out the bottom section of the page.

You will select the checkbox, fill out the ‘initials’ box and then select the ‘proceed to registration’

7. Finish registration

You’re getting there, I promise! Your registration tab should look similar to below:

FINA World Masters Registration Tab
FINA World Masters Registration Tab

At this time, your FINA World Masters registration status will not show as approved. You must complete the next steps, submit payment, and then wait for approval.

Due to the approval wait period, I highly encourage all participants to register earlier than later. It took about 1-2 weeks before my account cleared. Waiting until the last minute might delay your registration and make you ineligible to swim.

Registration Tab

This tab houses several different items that you need to complete. Starting from the top:

  • Personal: Contains your name, date of birth, and gender. Includes your credentials picture
  • Functions: Contains what you registered as (athlete, coach, support staff, etc.)
  • Disciplines: Lists the different aquatic disciplines eligible to you, along with your local team. If you don’t see your team listed, select NA. To make it easier to search, you can type in your team’s name
  • Events: Meet name (FINA World Masters Championships 2019
  • Travel Document: Contains your passport information, to include the scanned copy of it
  • Visa: Visa information, if applicable
  • Badge: Select the location you plan to pick up your accreditation upon arrival
  • Permanent Address: Contains your address
  • Contact: Contact information

I know it’s a lot, but it’s easy and won’t take long, I promise!

From here, scroll back to the top of the screen and select the blue ‘Finish Registration’ button. This will save your application and take you to the payment tab.

8. Pay for registration

At this point, review your information listed on the screen. I also recommend checking the price to ensure you registered correctly.

After this, hit the ‘pay’ button and follow the online instructions to submit payment. Note that FINA only accepts VISA and MasterCard.  

Only after you complete your payment will your FINA World Masters registration form be submitted.

Registration Fees

When registering, Masters Athletes must pay two different fees. The first covers the actual registration fee. The second covers the entry fee for each event.

Registration prices are as follows

Coaches/Support Staff only$40
Participant Family members and friends only$40

9. Wait for approval

Now comes the hard part. Waiting.

After you submit your payment and registration, you must wait until the Organizing Committee approves your registration.

Again, I want to stress that due to the approval wait period, I highly encourage all participants to register earlier than later. It took about 1-2 weeks before my account cleared. Waiting until the last minute might delay your registration and make you ineligible to swim.

While you wait, you have several different statuses for your FINA World Masters registration:

  • Pending: You still need to submit your registration
  • Waiting for payment: Completed your form, but still need to pay the invoice
  • Submitted: You completed your registration and paid. The Organising Committee will review the registration
  • Approved: Yay, you passed! 🙂 The Organising Committee cleared your registration and you’re good to go.
  • Rejected: Registration wasn’t approved. If this happens, someone will reach out to you directly

Note that until you pay for registration, your registration goes no further. You cannot compete if you don’t pay.

10. Sign up for events

And now comes the fun part. Signing up for your events!

After approval, sign back into your FINA account and navigate back to the following page:

2019 FINA World Masters Registration
2019 FINA World Masters Registration

Find the Sport Entries tab. Once open, you’ll find the ‘select event’ drop down menu on the far right of the screen.

After the event appears on the screen, complete the required information. For this, you’ll need your best time, along with the date and location where you accomplished that time. For swimming, the system automatically lists your qualification time for your age group.

I used an example for my 2017 registration below to show what this looks like. Note that mine says approved already. When you submit your entries, you’ll have a blue ‘pending’ icon until FINA verifies your times.

FINA World Masters Sport Entries
FINA World Masters Sport Entries

Complete your entries and save as you go. Note that saving doesn’t equal to submitting. Please enter all your times before submitting. After you complete and verify your entries, you can now submit your times.

FINA World Masters Entry Fees
FINA World Masters Entry Fees

11. Pay for entries

Following submission of your entries, the ‘payments’ tab changes color. Select this to proceed to your payment.

You can see a list of entry fees to the right. FINA’s site calculates the totals for you, which you can view before final payment.

If you select the order number, the invoice expands to show the details of your entry.

To pay, you’ll follow the same process that you used for registration. Like the registration process, you must wait for the Organising Committee to approve your times/events.

The same statuses apply here as they did with the registration. Following approval, you’ll receive notification that FINA approved your registration. For me, it took about 2 weeks before I received notice of the approval.

Please note that you must complete online registration and submit online payment by June 24, 2019. If you miss this deadline, you will not receive accreditation. In short, you can’t swim.

12. Travel Tab

While you wait for approval on your times/entries, take a moment to complete the travel tab. Note that you don’t have to do this right away. You can come back to add it at a later date.

FINA requests this to help organize transportation in the area. At a minimum, you should list the date/time that you’ll arrive in the area, along with the date/time of your departure.

13. Accommodation

Gwangju hosts a World Championships Village that you can request accommodation. The new apartments hold 6,000 individuals within 24 buildings. You can view more information online on the official website. You can also request additional information at

If you wish to stay elsewhere, you can view a list of recommended accommodations here.


After the Organizing Committee approves your events, you’ll receive an email notification. It will say something along the lines of ‘We can now confirm that your registration is approved.’

This means you completed your FINA World Masters registration!! At this time, if you haven’t already entered your flight or travel information, please do so before you leave. Also, be sure to get your accommodation in a timely manner.

It may look like a lot of steps within steps to complete your FINA World Masters registration, but I promise it’s not difficult. The system helps when it can by walking you through the steps. It also ensures that you submit what you need to submit. If you miss something, it’ll let you know 🙂

I hope you get a chance to partake in this years FINA World Masters Championships. I found myself fortunate enough to go in 2017 for the 17th FINA World Masters Championships in Budapest, Hungary.

Without a doubt, I had a fantastic time. Both swimming and travel wise. It offered me a great experience to swim internationally for the first time and make a several new friends along the way.

Want to know what FINA World Masters Championships is like?
You can read about my experience starting here! Arrival | 2017 FINA Swimming World Masters Championships

If you’re still on the fence, you have time to decide. Remember, you have until June 24th to complete your registration. Personally, I wouldn’t start the process any later than late May to ensure timely approval of your forms.

For those already signed up or who plan to go, congrats! I wish you the best of luck this summer and that you have a great experience.

What about you? Do you plan to go the 2019 FINA World Masters Championships in Gwangju, South Korea? Let me know in the comments below!

And as always, to happy swimming!


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